The idea behind the annuarly Cameo Caper

Each year around the date of Halloween, the number of cameos in the various webcomics swell as the eldritch magic of that particular event breaks down the boundaries between webcomics and characters can freely move from comic to comic, dress up and partake in parties of filler-specials all over the worlds of webcomics!

Interactions are something most people never get tired of, so we'll like to promote this great cameo-opportunity by inviting all webcomic-artists and their characters to take part in the annual Halloween Cameo Caper!

The basic idea is to gather all the participating characters in a chosen setting that each year is settled by a poll in the Caper's Forum, and here they'll all, on the day of Halloween, have a great party together, a party that will spread all through the participating comics!

Each artist will draw a strip, featuring his, hers or its (this is webcomic business after all!) characters, as well as many of the other artists' characters (or at least characters from as many other strips) as possible! The strip will then be posted at the artist's site at the day of Halloween, either as a filler-strip, canon-strip or something more exclusive, some might just settle for a forum-posted drawing.

However, for inventive artists, the occasion might even turn out to take the form as a minor plotline, or... a collective crossover between a whole set of comics in a joined storyline leading up to the day of Halloween? The possibilities are many and can and will be taken up in the forums as the day approaches!

As the stories proceeds, leading up to Halloween, the site for the Halloween Caper will update with links to all the participating comics, and when Halloween of the year is history, the will still celebrate and immortalize the event for the entire world by linking and keeping the strips that may disappear from their original sites over the passage of time.

The essence of it all is for everybody, artist and readers alike, to have fun! To try ones skill at drawing others characters and to see them interact!

... besides that, it's also a great way to promote ones own comic!

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