The "Invitation"

--- Incoming message ---

Mayday! Mayday! SOS! Khaklars!

This is Captain Rumsque of the Refuge Colony Ship of Nostromummy!
We are lost in space and don’t know where we are or when we are!

The core of our warp-engines has suffered a critical failure and the core has been breached, causing a pulsing time-warp that threatens both the ship and surrounding space! Already now we feel its effects running through the ship…

We don’t know the cause of this breach, was it caused by strife between some of the onboard factions of various races from the Home World, or has it something to do with what we found on that alien wreck? Was it damage taken during the Star Pirate attack and the battles onboard following their raids, leaving hole sections to be barred, or was it the bio-uprising in the center-court during the celebration-preparations that spread?
I can’t say what's the cause, our Chief Engineer might be able to, but he has… changed.

We can no longer navigate, the bridge having come offline and time and space are collapsing around us! Within long we will hit the twin-suns unless we get help!

I’m holed up in the com-section but I can hear them getting near… if anyone hears this, please send help, whenever or wherever you are, if you have the ability, please co… oh my! They are coming! They are com…. *kzzzzzzzh*

--- End of Message ---

Those who came to investigate...

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And then there were those who missed out...

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