The Setting of RCS Nostromummy

This is RCS Nostromummy, a majestic starship build for the depths of space.

Nostromummy was build to serve as an ark and last salvation for a distant world which was pulled apart by the combined gravity of its nearby star and a black hole. Several ships of the RCS-category was build and launched, but even more was destroyed when the black hole suddenly won the tug-o-war with the star of the system far ahead of calculated point of time and pulled the shattered remains of the planet into its core.

RCS Nostromummy was one of the last to be build and launched, just as the planets demise was eminent, and as the planet was pulled to pieces around it, Nostromummy was sucked into the black hole, to appear among the debris and wreckage of its planet in a faraway uncharted area of space.

Because Nostromummy was launched as such a critical time, it was not subjected to the coordinated effort and scrutiny of personage that the other RCS ships had been. The crew was of haphazarded mix of races and talents while the passengers, of which the most (several millions) has been cryogenetic frozen since the launch, generally consisted of who could make it to port in time for launch… including several strong factions and groups who managed to fight their way to the ship and hold a space there for themselves before it all came to an end…
Now, Nostromummy has been on its way through space for several years, searching for a new world to colonize. A ship and crew only half prepared for the travel it was forced into, as well as a number of passengers which have been in a permanent state of cease fire since the launch, only kept from open warfare over domination because of the treat to the ship’s infrastructure and the safety of the lifegiving farms in the biodoms.
… and that was before the accident that send the ship through space, crippled and without control, right towards the scorching death of twin suns…

The ship itself is some 155 miles (250 km) long and about 25 miles (40 km) in diameter around the main body, not calculating the biodoms and the acceleration ring. The ring itself is about 60 miles in diameter (100 km). It contains all the necessary facilities to sustain life for several thousand crewmembers and workers, as well as cryogentic facilities for the millions of people of several races who won’t wake up before Nostromummy is in orbit around a habitable planet.
Not everything is in working order though, some things and areas never got finished before the forced launch, and yet again others have been taken over by various factions… others having been barred and blocked for unknown reasons
It’s half a ship, all trouble… and now, a flying deathtrap!

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